A custom made service

A simple and professional approach

1.Your choice of model and specifications & a custom made offer

A specialist will select a model with you and establish a first estimate in one of our stores. We will listen to you and are at your disposal to study the plans and offer you the best stairs, according to your technical requirements, budget and design. L’Echelle Européenne will then provide a staircase of quality, tailored to your needs.


2 – Taking measurements

After fixing a date together, your contact at the L’Echelle Européenne will take all the necessary measurements at your home or at your site. All our teams are mobile and they will collect all the necessary information so as to be the most accurate as possible.

3 – Final offer

Based on the precise measurements, our advisor will work with you on the final offer, a fully customised and personal quote. Then again together you fix the installation date for your staircase.

4 – Installation at home

At your home and on the agreed date, the store’s fitting team will install your staircase. All our stores are working with professional fitter’s to install our stairs.

Whichever stairs you choose and even with its technical constraints, our fitter’s will meet your expectations.