Who are we?

Strength and success of L’Echelle Européenne stores.

 Climbing, working, moving on, standing about…

The strength and the success of L’Echelle Européenne stores is based on the concept of presenting all our products TOGETHER for our customers to try out and compare, to work on, move on and move about at a certain height and in total safety.


  • Climbing, working, moving on, standing about at a certain height, it involves steps, rungs, devices to keep it all securely together, as well as work platforms and all the necessary safety features required.
  • These products have a degree of complexity that requires advice and assistance to find the best product for the client. Knowing the clients and their INDIVIDUAL needs allows us to find the best technical solutions. Whether professionals, individuals, administrations, large or small businesses, we have to adapt to each case which requires a good knowledge of our products and all health and safety requirements.
  • Safety always comes first. Not everyone is comfortable at heights and each individual feels different, assessing the risks it takes to climb in another manner. For some people, these risks begin with a 3 step stepladder, for others it will be much higher.




Beyond a certain point, a customer will not in a DIY store but require the reassurance of the knowledge and experience of a specialist.

Additionally, the professional must fully understand the ever increasing and complicated health and safety legislation which is becoming more and more strict, because of the increase of work place accidents. Legislation is increasingly demanding in terms of compliance with safety rules and the penalties for those business or administration manages who fail to comply. It is as if the accident should not exist, as if the responsibility of the fall was always human. This is a constant concern of managers that motivates them to seek the reassurance of a specialist.



  • GM

    Georges Morales

    1981 : The first store was established in Montpellier as ECHELLE 34 by Georges MORALES.

  • 1990 : The franchise company L’Echelle Européenne was created.
  • 2008 Development of its own brand that meets the requirements of the standards in force.
  • 2010New headquarters in Saint Jean de Vedas (South of France), with a logistic hub for the central purchase along with a manufacturing unit to best meet the specific demands of French and European customers.
  • 2014 : Performance award from the Languedoc-Roussillon region and development of the concept in Canada.


 Le réseau aujourd’hui

  • 43 outlets in France
  • 1 outlet in Martinique
  • 1 outlet in the Reunion Island
  • 3 outlets in Belgium
  • 1 outlet in Portugal
  • 5 outlets in Spain
  • 1 outlet in Canada