Your staircase installation

The last step

The fitting is definitely the most important part in your final choice. You want to install a lighter and more modern design than the traditional bulky concrete stairs. The L’Echelle Européenne network strives to select, recruit and equip its own teams or subcontracting companies able to perform in the best possible conditions fitting all “Stairs, banisters, hand & guard rails “.

Installation respecting the quality charter

We will leave nothing to chance because compliance with the quality charter that we impose upon our fitters is crucial, we hope to achieve total satisfaction with our clients. We know that the installation of all on-site stairs with made to measure or industrial parts, on masonry supports, may require adaptations or modifications to achieve successful completion of the work.

We must :

  • Use the right fixing’s as per type of stairs & support.
  • Anticipate and make shims, wedges, blocks, etc to fill gaps or spaces or add some insulation.
  • Overlap, assemble, screw, bolt on each step and the hand rails with the finishes, lacquered, polished, shiny or satin taking care not to damage any of the materials that make up the staircase and railings.

If you decide to do your own staircase installation, we can provide the proper documentation and detailed fitting instructions for the stairs you have chosen. But first make sure you have the necessary equipment and some advanced DIY knowledge.

It is when taking the initial measurements on site that our experts take note of all parameters and any adjustments to be made to ensure the smooth running of the installation. Each installation is audited & analysed giving the opportunity to improve ourselves & to be ever more efficient in the face of constantly evolving technology…