Metal Stairs

Outside stairways are very convenient for reaching apartments on the upper levels, they were often made ??of concrete due to bad weather conditions.  In recent decades, modern construction techniques has oriented to housing insulation, relief forms and openings allowing energy savings. It was essential to reduce the footprint and the projected shadow. Steel, aluminum and wood have come back to replace the concrete whilst ensuring a longer life for materials used.

The outside stairs have evolved in their dimensions, becoming smaller, they serve terraces, balconies or private solariums andinterior courtyards, driveways and gardens. Applications are more demanding in terms of design. To avoid maintenance constraints (including rust), materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel (A4 or 316) or lacquered aluminum, are recommended by our experts. Techniques implemented for the guardrails installation shall be monitored and strictly controlled in order to prevent moisture infiltration. Our specialist consultants will find the most suitable products for your building or project and ensure that systems are suitable for supporting walls.

L’Echelle Européenne production center has already accomplished a number of challenges, from simple to complex situations, to meet the demands of difficult access. Our research team produced stairs for individuals but also for industrial or agricultural buildings, access to machinery, tanks, terraces… with aluminum.