How to choose a staircase?

Denigrated long, the staircase was only the means of access to upper or lower floors. Often hidden behind walls, heavy and bulky concrete, it was highlighted only in large houses, stores’ halls or sites open to the public. In recent decades, the functional increasingly give way to the decoration and the mix of materials, creativity and design. This made a centerpiece of style that we want to give the interior room.


escalier_flo160inox2_0Today, a wide range of staircase allows professionals to the construction or renovation and individuals to choose among the hundreds of models, grouped in families or categories. Ease of installation now allows residents or successive owners of a compartment, replacing the stairs without incurring heavy masonry work. With the diversity of forms, spaces and materials, do not hesitate to seek advice from specialists. Indeed, if the stairs now allows custom decoration, it is important not to neglect the constraints for the successful completion of the work. Advisors of L’Echelle Européenne group  give the 3 following main constraints :





It often requires to install the stair type taking into account the surface or component to serve, their uses and the passage frequency, number and age of the users, and the space available to different levels. Doors, windows or areas passages are all factors to consider for distribution or avoid them. Taking the coast or the support study may reveal surprises and confirm the choice or otherwise, force them to reconsider. However, if the hopper is not open or if it is a construction project, you can determine the required space needed by the staircase you have selected.



This point is closely related to the technique and although it returns you to determine the constraints listed above may limit the choices. Again, take advice before you make your selection to avoid any disappointments. Materials more trends such as glass and resin complement the commonly used materials such as steel, stainless steel, the Wood (Beech, Doussié, Walnut …) or PVC. Posts, balusters straight and smooth horizontal of all kinds, will allow to decorate ramps and railings. Your creativity can be expressed.


The budget

Established before, it will set the limits and avoid wasting time in inaccessible projects. So variable, it depends on the height, on the complexity of the work, the materials used in works and selected options. If adjustable kits are a very affordable offer, Custom Made offer the widest range of choice at very different prices. Remember laying by a team of professionals that will ensure a neat job and better maintenance over time.