Come to see the stairs

See them before making your decision

When you start planning to buy stairs, knowing what you want or still being hesitant, it is always better to see the stairs for real, touch the materials, see the beautiful finish, the colours, the shapes… It is the reason why the L’Echelle Européenne has in each of its stores a lovely extensive show room.

“Knowing how to combine design and lightness without sacrificing strength and rigidity, is our motto”!

Sets of stairs on show

In each store, you can judge the care taken in the manufacturing of our stairs.


echelle-26-escaliers             echelle-77-magasin

In these “showrooms” you will find life size stairs, displaying the latest models, material samples, samples of all the different woods and colors possible … Everything is at your disposal to guide you in your choices .

So you can get a better idea of the future look that can give a particular staircase in your home. In addition, our experts will advise you and guide you in your final choice.

pose-escalierOur instore experts

Please have your house plans, photos of your home interior, our specialists will suggest the staircase that suits you best depending on your needs and your interior design requirements.