Technical terms or usage used in this website are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you still have a doubt to best fulfill your quote.

  •  Breakaway shot: measured on the axis of stride, it is the distance between walking located in the hopper and the rebound of the hopper. It must always be greater than 1.90 m.


  • Courtesy: distance between the two shafts, ie the “width” of the staircase


  • Giron measured at the line of travel, it is the depth of the step.


  • Height of step : height of two steps.
  • Hopper: in a ceiling opening for the passage of the stairway.


  • Landing: this is a platform used when changes stolen.
  • Line of travel: it is located in the center of the step positions or 50 cm of the ramp if the staircase is more than 1 meter wide.
  • Limon wood piece which receives the steps, and optionally the railing. Depending on the model, the stringer is located on the outer sides or bottom of the stairs.


  • Nosing: projection of a step.
  • Overall dimensions: development, length and width, the importance floor of a staircase seen from above.


  • Riser: vertical portion connecting two consecutive steps.
  • Railing: assembly of a handrail and balusters designed to provide protection to a vacuum.


  • Winder: the stair portion that causes a change in direction of the line of travel. Its most narrow steps at one end than the other are said dancing or swaying.