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– How to find the closest store from home ?

Just visit this page and choose your department. You will find all the details needed to visit the store or to contact it.

– What type of stairs to choose ?

Your staircase must fit your home, but there are several standard forms :
The right staircase has rectangular steps and does not change direction. It is ideal for rooms with high traffic, such as the entrance.
The fourth turning staircase combines space saving and design while allowing, in the manner of a straight staircase to present the first set of stairs facing a passage way.
The half turn stairs still reduces wasted space, both ground and space. It can either have an intermediate floor or be “balanced” (some steps are trapezoidal to allow the change of direction).
The helical staircase (or spiral staircase) can fit into the smallest corner. All steps are organised around a central axis: greater brightness of the room and real space saving are its main advantages.
The “special” staircase has a particular shape, combining design, architectural elegance and comfort

– Which stair material to choose: wood, metal, glass ?

In an individual home, wood is preferred in most cases for the steps. The most common species is the beech: solid, good quality / price ratio. Stairs (or structure of the stairs) made in metal can be made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. Long used to decorate the stairs (ramps, railings, etc.), glass is also now an excellent material used for stairs. It provides greater light and a contemporary element to the interior.

–  Is the guard rail obligatory ? How to choose ?

From a legal standpoint, the guardrail is required from a height of 50 cm. Its primary function is of course to protect users of the stairs from a possible fall but it is more than that: it represents a real asset of decoration in your home. It usually matches the structure of the stairs. We can also construct it in glass for transparency.

 – How long does installation take ?

It depends on the model and the shape of your staircase but usually takes 1 to 2 days.

– How do I maintain my staircase ?

The finish that we apply to a new staircase is very important, whether it is dyed, treated or varnished. This protects it and helps give it a longer life. If done well initially, this type of maintenance does not need to be renewed frequently.

– How long are your stairs guaranteed ?

All our stairs are guaranteed during 1 year starting from the purchase.

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