The colour of a staircase depends primarily on the construction materials (wood, glass, metal…). Some materials, however, come in a range of different colours. The colours will play an important part in the design of the interior, to integrate the room and the stairs. It is thus possible to adjust the colour: a room with low lights level will well suit stairs with warm colour or light wood, while lighter shades may work better in a very sunny room. On the other hand, it is possible to accentuate space by choosing to highlight the contrasts, at the level of the steps or the structure.

The list below shows the standard colours available for our stairs. It is possible for some stairs to customise the colour. To find out if the stairs of your choice can have a specific colour, please meet our experts directly in store, or contact us via the website.


Metal parts

acier_chrome acier_inox_brillant acier_inox_brosse blancblanc_gaufrebeige_gaufregris_clairgris_clair_gaufregris_aluminiumgris_fonce gris_fonce_gaufre gris_anthraciteivoire_gaufre marron marron_gaufrenoirnoir_gaufrerouge    jaune bleu vert sur_demande

Resin parts

beton_ciremarbrefeuille_or feuille_argent   sur_demande

Wood parts

blanchipinsapinchene_clairnoyer_clairhetre_naturel  chene_moyennoyer_naturel    doussieirokonoyer_moyen merisierchene_foncewengenoyer_fonce laquage_brillantlaquage_matcreme_brossesable_brosseecruecru_brossegris_argent_brossegris_foncegris_platineterreterre_brossegris_ardoise_brossesur_demande

Glass Parts

 verre_extraclairverre_transparentverre_blancverre_noirverre_jauneverre_bleuverre_orange   verre_roseverre_rougeverre_violetverre_nectarverre_pressed_flowerverre_sleeping_roseclairverre_sleeping_violetverre_tarentel_noirverre_tanretel_roseverre_swirling_rose verre_swirling_violetsur_demande